Monday, April 14, 2008

Yesterday's Farming

Visited the Farm this Wk-end to wish Grandma a happy 90th birthday. Having shot many different agricultural assignments I believe this might be my most awakening image of farming. Not a sunny view with fresh green plants exploding row upon row but the bare landscape that engulfs the soil before spring.

There are four parts to this image. The first being the farmer's canvas his soil/field. (Fertilization, pesticides, weeds, planting, market, harvest, plowing,)

The second being the interaction between being a farmer and regular (modern) life ie the grass lawn that makes up the front yard. (clean clothes, polished shoes, fancy dinning, sleeping in, well respected, financially secure) sometimes I feel the hardest part in life is trying to succeed in a world full of successful people when all you have is hard work & torn clothes to back your existence up.

The third is the single power line - the single lane road, we always make fun of the stories dad & the uncles would tell walking to school in snow, feeding the chickens before school, etc... a quick scan of the barn's contents plus a little experience pulling stumps with the tractor one can easily see that when things go wrong it's hard manual work with very little help from the modern comforts.

Finally it's a life that depends upon the seasons will the weather cooperate, can one last the winter months, will my seeds be productive this year. The farms seems so peaceful today because it is being lived on by a Great-Grandparent that survived the business. While the screaming past asking life, can another season be survived?

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